Tallinna Rõõmupesa kindergarten / Tallinna Rõõmupesa päiväkoti

Tallinn, Estonia

The planned new building of Rõõmupesa Kindergarten in Tallinn, A.H. Tammsaare tee 141 plot is largely located on the site of the existing demolished kindergarten building.

The designed building is a building with one underground and two above-ground floors. The building has a simple structure. In the transverse direction, the building is divided into two volumes – a one-storey volume on the north, where offices, halls, a hot kitchen and a hobby class are located, and a two-storey volume on the south, where group rooms are located. The calm and compact form of the building looks cozy and blends into the surrounding urban space. The spacious courtyard area around the building makes the surroundings easy to observe and safe.

The main entrance takes the visitor to the two-storey atrium in the middle of the building. 10 group rooms are planned for the projected building. The group rooms are designed to be spacious and bright.

The spacious windows of the group rooms on the south façade are shaded by a wide balcony and a roof section, which can be used as outdoor classrooms at the same time.

Our cooperation partners in the project:
O3 Technology OÜ
Ehitusinsener OÜ
T-Model OÜ
Rovalis OÜ
Positiivne Pinnavorm OÜ

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