Maasika kindergarten / Päiväkoti Maasikas

Tallinn, Estonia

This conceptual design concerns the construction of a new kindergarten building in Tallinn, Vasara street 18 plot. The currently existing depreciated kindergarten building on the same plot will be demolished and replaced with a new building that meets all modern requirements.

The building is designed in a relatively compact scale. The internal space layout has been solved by keeping functionality in mind. The building plan has 12 blocks for groups rooms, out of which 2 are nursery groups. According to the plan, the first floor of the two-story building has 12 group rooms, a kitchen, staff wardrobes, recreational and auxiliary rooms. The hall complex with a wardrobe and utility rooms to the right of the entrance, forms a separate one-story unit. From the second floor there is also access to offices and a meeting room in addition to the group rooms.

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