Länsikaari school yard / Länsikaaren koulun piha

Nurmijärvi, Finland

The schoolyard of Länsikaari Primary School in Rajamäki was renovated according to circular economy principles. The design of the yard emphasised the reuse of old and usable materials and respect of the surrounding nature. The yard design was based on the existing greenery, preserving the old rowan and pine trees. In accordance with users’ wishes, new activities were added, such as a balance track, a bicycle parking space and a multi-purpose games arena, which were harmoniously integrated into the surroundings. All play and sports areas were covered with water-permeable eco-grass and old surface materials such as asphalt and paving were reused. In addition, the schoolyard was equipped with new white curved paths and a safe path to the sports field behind the school.

Photos: Nurmijärvi municipality

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