Ratamestarinkatu 9 renovation / KOY Ratamestarinkatu 9 peruskorjaus

Helsinki, Finland
The East Pasila office building in Ratamestarinkatu 9 constructed in the 80’s received an environmentally friendly update.

The building received a major renovation with an updated facade, roof, HVAC rooms and yard decks, designed by AW2 Architects. In particular, effort was made to preserve the buildings light tonality and appearance, clear linearity, and grandiosity typical for the time period. In order to improve the building’s energy economy all facade surfaces, windows, metal framed exterior window’s outer glass portions, and the external roof were renewed up to the load-bearing structure. HVAC rooms were renewed and enlarged to improve indoor air quality and space was reserved for solar panels on the roof.

Recycling and circular economy was further advanced substantially, as over 90% of dismantled building materials were reused. The project was handed over to the customer in June 2023.

Photos: Mikael Linden

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