Rastaala school renovation / Rastaalan koulun peruskorjaus


Rastaala Primary School building completed in 1956 was renovated as it was suffering from a mold problem, bringing it up to modern standards in both requirements for effective teaching and interior air quality.

The entire interior was renovated; all surfaces were fixed and painted and completely new furnishings were acquired. Additionally, the ventilation was enhanced and improved, electrical output modernised, new lighting installed, IT- and communications lines were installed in every room, and they were equipped with new updated fire alarm systems.

The interior surface materials, furnishings, fabrics, lighting and color scheme were chosen with respect to the buildings original style. Linoleum floors, lighting opals, wood furniture, and tamed colors Encapsulated the 1950s, and for example plastered acoustic material was used for sound proofing so that the classrooms look stayed true to their original spirit.

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