Viirinlaakso apartment building T2H / Viirinlaakson asuinrakennus T2H

Nurmijärvi, Finland

Viirinlaakso apartment building T2H will be located on the site next to Viirinlaakso travel center and apartment building in Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi. The starting point for the design was the idea that the residential buildings on the three adjacent sites of Klaukkalantie would form an architecturally congruent design style and entity along the main road. The planned three houses with the same spirit have been used to unify the cityscape of Klaukkala and to delimit the road that leads to the old center of Klaukkala.

The traditional roof shapes of the buildings lighten the masses of the buildings and create a recurring distinctive architectural look. The light shades of the façade connect the buildings to the existing building stock.

T2H’s apartments and their floor plans serve as a good example of effective floor plan design. All the squares of the property have been taken into use, not forgetting the architectural and cityscape look of the building. There are also plans for a third residential building that is architecturally exterior like the T2H residential building, but the housing floors will be modified as needed.

Together, the ensemble of three buildings gives the area a unified look, like “three brothers”.

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