Klaukkala Viirinlaakso Travel center and apartment building / Klaukkalan Viirinlaakson matkakeskus ja asuinkerrostalo

Viirinlaakso, Klaukkala

The new landmark of Klaukkala Viirinlaakso, a ten floor apartment building with 4400 m2 floor space, includes 60 apartments as well as 185 m2 of commercial premises. Klaukkala’s new travel center is located in the ground floor of the building. The construction work started in May 2018 and the project was completed in December 2019.

AW2 is also designing two other residential buildings which will be built right next to the travel center.

This project is a continuation of a city plan designed for a city center area built around Klaukkala travel station. The city plan was drawn up on a basis of the winning entry of architectural competition, 2011.  The plan comprises approximately 150 000 m2 residential, office and commercial-building construction and it was completed in 2012 by AW2.

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