III construction phase of the Maarjamõisa medical campus is near completion

Further reading available from the link 3 is near completion

New M and C-buildings are built during the III construction phase of Maarjamõisa medical campus. The six-storey M-building houses children’s hospital and four-storey C-building will have ear clinic, a surgical ward for day surgery patients, patients requiring in-patient treatment, facial and maxillofacial surgery patients, and also space for women’s clinic family centre.

Toomas Kivastik and Peep Pitsner from Tartu University Hospital have been involved in all construction stages of the Maarjamõisa medical campus and both confirm that the biggest challenge in planning, designing, and building new hospital buildings has been logistics. ”Despite many difficulties we plan to open in the beginning of next year and receive first patients in the first quarter of 2023,” described Toomas Kivastik.

The gross floor area of M-building is approximately 20 000m2 and 13 600m2 for C-building.

Construction is carried out by AS Nordecon and its subsidiary OÜ Embach Ehitus. The construction project was prepared by Sweco Projekt AS and AW2 Architects Oy.

Photo by Timo Arbeiter.