Tartu University Hospital Extension, phase 2/ Tarton yliopistollisen keskussairaalan laajennus, vaihe 2

Tartu, Estonia

University Hospital extension. All client, staff as well as material traffic of the hospital has been situated into a new “internal street”. The new buildings include facilities designed for cardiology, eye clinic, internal medicine department, endoscopy department, hospital pharmacy, laboratory, and new radiotherapy department (4 accelerators). New wards accommodate about 260 beds. All wards have teaching facilities for the University of Tartu Faculty of Medicine.

Here is a precious patient feedback which we received from one of the patient of Tartu University hospital in the beginning of 2018.

”I was 5 days in Maarjamõisa hospital with my child and I wanted to say that this building is architecturally amazingly beautiful. These views of the inner corridors, lobby and the hall were very calming and healing. Lots of palm trees (very lifelike). We walked around the house every day. Especially nice and cozy were the evenings. On the third floor before the operation unit there are 2 armchairs, we sat there and enjoyed the sunset. One day one house guest played a piano. It doesn’t all remind the hospital, but a sanatorium. In front of the dining room there is a nice checkers table, easy and the buttons are made from the branches. We played there and we had fun. I also liked several drinking machines in the building, their discovery was an experience. The kid was glad, we drank the blueberry kissel under the palm trees.

Thank you once again for a pleasant hospital experience!”

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