Põltsamaa nursing home / Põltsamaan hoitokoti

Põltsamaa, Estonia

This conceptual design concerns the construction of a two new nursing home buildings on the Tiigi property in Põltsamaa. New nursing home buildings will meet all modern requirements.

Two one-storey nursing home buildings (and the perspective location of the third building) are located on the property in such way that convenient access is ensured and the directions of light traffic roads, provided in the detailed plan, are maintained.

The building can be accessed through the main entrance in the central part. It has three equal accommodation wings. The building is designed in a compact scale with a clover-shaped master plan.

The internal space plan has been solved functionally in the building complex. The layout of the building is easy to understand and easy to control. The staff counter in the middle of the building has a good overview of those entering and leaving the building.

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