Integrated Healthcare Design has merged as a part of AW2 Architects

AW2 Architects subsidiary Integrated Healthcare Design Ltd has merged with the architectural design company. The hospital equipment design team will continue their integral work in our hospital design services and exports.

Integrated Healthcare Design Ltd, specialized in the AINS Group’s architectural design division’s international export projects and hospital equipment design, has merged to AW2 Architects on 28.02.2023.

The expert team’s work in domestic and international hospital projects and know-how export will continue as before, in the future more strongly under the name of AW2 and AINS Group.

– Integrated Healthcare Design was born out of a necessity to be profiled as a hospital design specialist in the international markets. As a part of AINS Group there is no longer the same need, as the comprehensive design know-how is made known and exported to international markets under one single brand, says unit director Anssi Hakarinne from AINS Group.

The expert team of six specialists lead by Anssi Hakarinne are specialised in medical technology design services and hospital equipment design exports in all healthcare related spaces and buildings. The team works in Finland and Estonia, where their largest reference projects include Tallinn’s and Viljandi’s new hospitals as well as Tartu University Hospital’s several finished and ongoing construction phases.

Design competition success has also been received in Latvia, Poland, Czechia, and Romania. Consultation and design work is currently being done in all mentioned countries.

In Finland our healthcare design knowledge is being used in such projects as KYS Uusi Sydän, where our strong construction, repair, and geo-design teams are collaborating, as well as in Ahvenisto Hospital in Hämeenlinna together with our architectural design team.

Anssi Hakarinne, unit director, medical technology unit
Tel. 040 659 8300

Anssi Anttila, operational manager, architectural design division
Tel. 040 521 1800