Bridge Hospital has been handed over to the customer

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The largest new construction project in the history of HUS, the Bridge Hospital to be completed in Meilahti, has been handed over to the customer. The new hospital and its two-story glass bridge connect the hospital area of ​​the Tower Hospital, the Trinity Hospital and the Cancer Clinic. The efficient integration of functions and the geometric shape of the building’s foundation have guided the architectural and structural design throughout the project.

The operation and facilities of the bridge hospital are designed around huge research and treatment equipment. It is no exaggeration to say that a hospital specializing in the treatment of accidents can save lives when the distance to various examinations from the emergency room is as short as possible, says Siltasairala’s principal designer, architect Matti Anttila from AW2 Architects. AW2 is part of the Team Integrated Silta consortium responsible for the main and architectural design of Siltasairala. Team Integrated Silta consortium consist of AW2 Architects, B&M Architects, Harris-Kjisik Architects & Brunet Saunier Architecture.