B&M Architects joins forces with AW2 and Konkret – AINS Group strengthens its architectural expertise

PRESS RELEASE, 6 June 2023

B&M Architects has joined AINS Group and is combining forces with architecture studios AW2 Architects and Konkret. Together, the three design studios will form a new top team of Finnish architecture.

B&M Architects has joined engineering and consultancy company AINS Group and the Group’s architectural design division formed by AW2 and Konkret. Together, the three studios will create a multidisciplinary architectural team with high-quality references and ambition to answer future challenges in urban and building design. The corporate deal took place on 1 June 2023.

“As designers, we share the same professional ambition and approach – the desire to update the industry throughout the value chain. Through openness and collaboration, we can build ecologically, financially and socially sustainable buildings and cities and ensure that knowledge, skills and resources are used to their full potential,” asserts Matti Anttila, director of AW2 and senior vice president of AINS Group.

“For more than 30 years, B&M has trusted in the power of collaboration in the development of high-quality urban environments. Now we are joining forces with highly esteemed colleagues and architects, whose architectural expertise and references perfectly complement ours. Together, we will be stronger and more agile and ready for new challenges,” explains Jussi Murole, who will continue as the director of B&M Architects.

Together B&M, AW2 and Konkret employ 120 architects, placing the consortium among the five largest architectural companies in Finland. As part of AINS Group, the studios are supported by strong technology and engineering expertise adding the competence to develop solutions for any technical, ecological and financial questions in the projects.

”The diversity and variety of the studios is a resource”

Established by Jussi Murole and Daniel Bruun in 1992, B&M Architects is a versatile architectural and city planning firm known for its award-winning projects. The company with its 30-strong team has achieved success in more than 50 Finnish and international architectural competitions and has also received several acknowledgements in the field of architecture.

The most notable recent B&M projects include Jätkäsaari’s Bunkkeri, Garden Helsinki, Vuosaari’s residential towers Atlas and Hyperion, residential blocks in Jätkäsaari and Arabianranta, urban planning and construction projects in Kera, Tuusula’s Rykmentinpuisto and Ranta-Tampella, railway stations along the Ring Rail Line, Kiasma’s renovation and several wind farms.

The previous joint projects by B&M and AINS Group include the Siltasairaala (Bridge Hospital), the Ratina shopping centre in Tampere and the HOAS Huippu student housing hybrid in Pasila, Helsinki.

AW2 Architects, which joined AINS Group in 2021, is particularly well-known as a architectural designer of hospitals, health-care premises, and other public facilities. Konkret, a prestigious architectural designer for residential buildings and demanding renovation projects, joined AINS Group in February.

”Over the decades, we have achieved success and performed numerous recognised projects in Finland and abroad. The versatility and variety of the studios is a resource that we will use in our projects to benefit our customers and the development of urban environments,” Murole states.

“We warmly welcome our esteemed architectural colleagues to the team. B&M Architects will bring us reinforcement and new vision particularly in the areas of urban planning and hybrid buildings,” comments Konkret’s director Jaakob Solla.

B&M will continue its operations as a separate architecture studio, alongside AW2 and Konkret. The three studios will form AINS Group’s architectural design division. The other divisions of the Group are construction management, structural engineering, renovation engineering, industrial and building engineering and civil engineering.

For further information, contact:
Matti Anttila, senior vice president, AW2 Architects
Tel. +358 40 861 3740

Jussi Murole, director, B&M Architects
Tel. +358 400 40 5119 710

Jaakob Solla, director, Konkret
Tel. +340 40 511 9975

B&M Architects

  • Versatile, award-winning architecture company. Strong expertise in the design of hybrid buildings, residential properties, business premises, public buildings and city plans and land use.
  • Success in more than 50 Finnish and international architectural competitions and recognition from several construction sector contests, including the Otto-Iivari Meurman Prize.
  • 30 employees
  • Turnover of EUR 3,4M (2022)
  • Founded in 1992
  • Office in Helsinki