AW2 Architects join AINS Group

AW2 Architects have joined AINS Group through a corporate deal. The merger will create a strong, responsible engineering and consultancy services group in the real estate and construction sector that offers comprehensive design and design management services through its wide-ranging service chain for projects.


AINS Group, an engineering and consultancy service provider for the real estate and construction industry, is expanding its operations to architectural design. AW2 Architects specialized in architectural design of public sector buildings forms the group’s new architectural design business sector. The deal was signed on 15 December 2021.

”We combine high-quality architectural design, technical design, project management and life cycle and cost management to achieve the best possible built environment. We want to create a new, sustainable and comprehensive design and management culture in Finland, where designers assume a more comprehensive approach to fulfilling the customer’s goals,” says AINS Group’s CEO Jyrki Keinänen.

“Architects should have a little bit more engineer in them and vice versa”. This old view still holds true, because only mutual understanding between the various design sectors along with collaboration between the parties ensure high quality and successful results. ”Together we will be able to offer more sustainable design solutions and to export Finnish expertise abroad,” says founder of AW2 Architects and Chairman of the Board, architect Matti Anttila.

AW2 Architects join AINS Group 2 - Photo Janne Savon


AW2 Architects comprise AW2 Architects Oy, renowned as architectural designer of public service buildings, and Integrated Healthcare Design Oy, focused on international export projects. AW2 Architects also offer architectural design services in Estonia. The total number of personnel in the Helsinki and Tallinn offices is over 60.

The company’s operations will continue with its existing employees and key personnel under the name of AW2 Architects as part of the AINS Group’s network of experts. Matti Anttila will take up the position as the Senior Vice President for the business sector.

“Our multisectoral approach improves our possibilities to serve customers comprehensively all the way from project development to the use of the facility. An ambitious approach and the ability to listen to customers’ needs will remain our strengths,” Anttila says.

Joint projects of AW2 Architects and AINS Group include the HUS Bridge Hospital project about to be completed in Helsinki’s Meilahti and the Laakso Joint Hospital project, currently under project-planning stage, and the planned Royal Center event and sports venue project in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki.

The merger follows the acquisition of industrial and building engineering expert, AX-Consulting, to be a part of AINS Group in November. The mergers will grow AINS Group into a community with over 1,000 experts and five business sectors: architectural design, construction management, structural engineering, civil engineering, and industrial and building engineering.


For further information, contact:
Jyrki Keinänen, CEO, AINS Group
Tel. +358 40 662 5662

Matti Anttila, Senior Vice President, Chairman of the Board, AW2 Architects Oy
Tel. +358 40 861 3740

Photos: Janne Savon